1300 South Boulevard, Ste S
Charlotte, NC 28203



Monday - Thursday  7am - 9pm

Friday  7am - 10pm

Saturday  8am - 10pm

Sunday  8am - 6pm



(704) 910-4660



Lincoln's Haberdashery is a destination for Charlotte's intown culture-- Those who are always searching for unique and authentic creations. From freshly baked bread, to handmade soap. All as authentic as the 1920's Lance Factory it resides within. 


Within the market you'll find prepared food by Chef Michael Shortino, a multitude of wine and coffee, along with a few local retailers. Lincoln's offers it's Southend neighbors a gathering place of sorts - a locale for enjoying extraordinary grub or picking up a few wholesome ingredients and knick knacks. An east-coast style market, right in the heart of Southend.

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Some of Our Favorites —


El Wappo Gallo Blanco

Sriracha poached chicken salad sandwich topped with pickled jalapeno, bacon, cucumber, and cilantro.


Piedmont Bleus Mocha

70% Dominican Republic Peidmont Bleus Chocolate, and single origin Pure Intentions espresso roast latte.


Banh Joe V

Roasted pork loin, pickled carrot, jalapeno, cilantro, and foie gras aioli.


Sticky Biscuit

House-made rosemary cheddar biscuit with Hickory Nut Gap Ham, and sticky wildflower honey butter.


Darning Egg

Shirred egg complimented with Benton's bacon, whipped potato, topped with chive, maldone sea salt, and accompanied by house made toast with cultured butter.


Bread Soup

Rich chicken broth, simmered with tomato, fennel, garlic, red onion, and topped with EVOO, house made country loaf, reggiano parmesan, and basil


Stuffed Flapjack

Lemon riccotta stuffed flapjack, drizzled in pure maple syrup, dusted with powder sugar, and slathered in berry compote.



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